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          Expert clew: the morning after brushing your teeth, first to drink again

          Date:2013-3-14 Read 262

          A lot of people have to the habit of drinking a glass of water after getting up in the morning, on the one hand can keep the balance of the body of water, at the same time can improve gastrointestinal function, can dilute the blood, reduce blood viscosity, promote blood circulation and prevent the disease of heart head blood-vessel. The expert reminds, the first since morning after brushing his teeth must be in drinking a glass of water.
          In the morning before brushing your teeth, the tooth will left some food residue or dirt, the residue or dirt easily when it's combined with calcium salt in the saliva to form plaque and tartar. After a morning drink water first, will bring these bacteria and dirt into the body, bring harmful effects to the body.
          In addition, some people worry that first brush your teeth will take away the digestive enzymes in saliva, affect the digestive function. Experts say this is completely unnecessary worry. In saliva digestive enzymes only works when people eat, at ordinary times it has been in a state of "rest". And, while asleep, the saliva production quantity will be reduced, so the digestive enzymes are also very few. Therefore, when I get up in the morning to brush your teeth with no negative impact digestive function to the human body.

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