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        1. Automatic flat brush sanding machine grinding two Heihachi formula CX-A8

          Product ID:CX—A8
          Product size:
          Added time:2014-10-28


          The circular grinding processing equipment, the introduction of Germany advanced technology, high efficiency, high-quality, super-stable, super speed, quick replacement products and other advantages, the use of CAD computer-aided design and manufacturing.
          Technical parameters:
          Production: all kinds of special-shaped toothbrush, such as the difficulty of high oblique cross hole toothbrush
          Equipment specifications: two hair cutting platform can be installed 1-2 branched iso initiates hair cutter, eight being hand swinging rotary grinding cones
          Equipment size :( length / width / height) 2310mm * 620mm * 1050mm
          Speed: about 2000 / hr
          Power: 4.5KW
          Weight: about 800KG

          Features 1, cut the hair on the two platforms can be installed 1-2 branched similarities and differences wavy hair cutting knife
          2, high-precision fully enclosed steel bridge go through heat treatment, surface grinding, high hardness, easy to wear
          3, 54 brush handle precision fixtures, high stability
          4, eight being hand swinging rotary cone imported diamond grinding disc, grinding disc fully enclosed dust cover
          5, six adjustable frequency round sharpened treatment effect, automatic timing dust jet
          6, 3.5KW high flow centrifugal vacuum box


          partial analysis diagram First, the main mechanism :( product delivery section)

          Principle: biaxial eccentric works
          Features: 1, high-precision fully enclosed steel bridge go through heat treatment, surface grinding, high hardness, easy to wear
          2,54 a precision jig
          Pros: good stability

          Second, the circular grinding set :( product round processing section)
          Principle: eight regular hand rotary cone swing
          Features: 1, all-round sphere surface treatment, sanding rate of more than 85%
          2, disc-plated high-quality imported diamond grain, fine materials, high toughness, good wear resistance
          3, fully enclosed dust cover, automatic timing jet, centrifugal dust antistatic
          4,4KW high flow centrifugal vacuum box
          Pros: Best ball surface brightness, in addition to static net

          Third, the hair cutting device section
          Principle: the eccentric Link
          Features: 1, using German technology cut hair
          2, imported precision linear bearing rails go
          3, hair cutting knife and the knife holder Siamese
          4, precision trimming hair cut length adjustment
          Advantages: high accuracy, wear resistance, high stability

          Fourth, electronic frequency control section
          Continuous / jog frequency control            
          Wave Round processing frequency control              
          vacuum Brushed 1/2 Frequency Control                 jet time control (0.5S-4.5S)
          Brushed 3/4 Frequency Control                 digital counting
          Brushed 5/6 Frequency Control               five frequency control
          sanding 7/8 Frequency Control               flat hair

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